JobAdder + Write My Job

Use OpenAI technology to take the pain (and time) out of job ad writing!

Write My Job is the world’s first job advert-specific, AI-powered copywriter, designed for both agency and in-house recruiters who want fantastically written job adverts but don’t have the time or desire to spend hours crafting them.

Utilising the latest OpenAI (similar to Chat GPT3) technology that learns from millions of different adverts, and propriety prompts created specifically for the recruitment sector, Write My Job crafts unique and engaging job adverts in less than 60 seconds.

As well as being unique, each section of the advert can be re-run separately to get to the exact outcome you’re looking for and then edited directly within the app.

The JobAdder integration brings the power of Write My Job right into your recruiter’s regular workflow, enabling new adverts to be created directly from the job as it is created in JobAdder.

Every JobAdder customer gets 3 free job adverts each month. Start using it for free now.

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