Make a video. Get a job. Whether you're looking for a job or searching for staff, EmployMe is a database of 35000+ genuine job seekers.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and so far over 40,000 job seekers have signed up to find work through a revolutionary new website that changes the employment process forever. Employme.com allows job seekers to showcase themselves to potential employers by way of a profile including photos, past employment details and a 1-2 min video! Empowering Job seekers to stand out from the crowd, job seekers also receive matching current job ads. Employers can scour through 100’s of job seeker profiles that match their search for free and only pay a small fee when they have found their perfect candidate, speeding up the employment process saving employers valuable time and money. Employers can also post a job for free and receive matching current and genuine job seeker profiles direct to their inbox! It’s a bit like a dating site for Employers and Job seekers!

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