InfoMine is a global website dedicated to delivering the latest news and jobs in the mining industry

InfoMine is the world leading source of knowledge about mining. It contains a wealth of information about the global mining industry, with a portfolio of tools to help readers extract precisely the information required.

InfoMine delivers content via their websites, email, social media, Apps, conferences, courses, webcasts and more. InfoMine does not mine minerals – it makes mining minerals more efficient.

InfoMine’s mission is to develop, maintain and service the information needs of the global mining company community, including mines, suppliers, educators and financiers i.e. all organizations and individuals with an interest in mining or mineral exploration. They have also provided advertising and marketing solutions to the mining industry for almost 20 years.

InfoMine provides focused, in-depth information about most aspects of mining and mineral exploration activities around the world. As such, InfoMine’s websites are organized as a series of Editions that provide access to the fully integrated, largest source of worldwide mining and mineral exploration information. Each InfoMine Edition has its own specific audience and content provided in the relevant local language.

Whether you develop mineral properties, invest in mining, sell products and services to the mining industry, or just want to find a job – industry research and knowledge is an important requisite of all of these functions.

Reliable, focused information is necessary to keep a competitive advantage and InfoMine is perfectly equipped to provide the knowledge people need in a convenient way.

InfoMine has one of the fastest growing online communities in the mining industry with over 700,000 members from over 100 major and minor mining countries and all sectors of the mining industry.

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