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Search over 100,000 jobs from leading brands and specialist recruiters is one of the UK’s leading jobs boards, attracting around 6 million jobseekers every month on the hunt for one of 110,000 live job ads the site carries at any one time. All of this activity generates over 2 million applications per month, cementing’s strong reputation among job seekers and recruiters alike.

Thousands of recruiters – from multinational corporations to smaller regionally-based businesses, plus recruitment consultants and advertising agencies – use to recruit individuals across almost every sector in the UK. is part of Totaljobs Group Ltd; the UK’s largest and fastest-growing online recruitment company, comprising six job boards, which between them carry over 190,000 jobs, and attract 7 million jobseekers every month, generating 3.3 million applications.

The job boards are,,,, and has seven offices throughout the UK, covering all regions.