For those who want to work - just not full-time. Find flexible, part-time, casual, or one-off employment.

Untapped Force’s mission is to promote flexible working conditions, creating more opportunities for “Mothers and Others” who want to work – just not full-time!

Untapped Force was born out of frustration and concern for mothers (and others), in particular those who have taken time out of the workforce to raise children. Raising children at home is something that is an ideal situation, but is not necessarily the norm. Financial strain usually forces parents back into the workforce too soon, and the logic behind Untapped Force is that if flexible employment solutions were available to this untapped portion of the working population, then parents would be able to achieve the perfect compromise.

That is, mothers can spend more time nurturing their children who represent the future of Australia, governments can pay less to support this and employers, especially small business, can afford to spend more time on the growth of their own businesses while having reliable and flexible staffing available.

Mothers are then also able to stay in touch with having a working life and can transition more easily back into the full-time workforce when the time is right to do so.