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Workible was founded with one goal in mind - to make it possible for job seekers to find flexible work. But soon after, that goal turned into a broader question, 'Why stop there? Why shouldn't anyone be able to find work on their terms? The right job to fit their availability, skills, personality, preferred location, favourite companies... to truly customize your own work life. You can customize everything else these days - why not the thing most of us spend the majority of our lives doing?'

So, that's what Workible does.

Workible have built world-class tech that enables people to find the right job for them and, in doing so, they help employers find the right people for their business. Workible believe that noone should have to compromise.

Traditionally, Workible has competed with the likes of online classifieds, but they have evolved to become so much more than just another job marketplace.

Today Workible is a HR Technology company disrupting the traditional reactive recruitment process by providing a job network that delivers talent on demand and work on your terms.

Workible do this by optimising and automating the management of the employer-candidate relationship through short-listing, matching and personalization services; dramatically reducing the time taken by employers to select candidates while simultaneously delivering incredible job seeker experiences.

The Workible technology underpins their own WorkibleJOBS community of employers and job seekers as well as custom job platforms for Education Providers, Industry Groups, Community (both regional and metro), Shopping Centres, Companies and Recruiters — each one part of the larger job network.

Workible started their business to solve a problem. It is their commitment to constantly and constructively challenging the status quo, in order to make something people want, that sees Workible continue to go from strength to strength.

Supported by the NSW Department of Trade and Investment through an MVP grant, Workible has been recognised as one of Australia’s Cool Companies, SMART100 and a finalist in the Mobile Awards and MyBusiness Awards. Founders Fiona Anson and Alli Baker are counted among Australia's leading female entrepreneurs with reputations as true thought leaders in the HR and Recruitment industry.





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