Registered Nurse Job Description

The Registered Nurse will collaborate with other medical professionals across healthcare disciplines to meet patient needs.

Registered Nurse

Job Brief

We are seeking a Registered Nurse to assess and coordinate patient care. The Registered Nurse will use appropriate resources to ensure safe, quality care for physical and mental health.


  • Perform physical exam and visual assessment of patient
  • Utilize appropriate interview techniques to obtain health and substance abuse
  • Analyse data from screening procedure to determine appropriate treatment
  • Document pertinent information in a timely and accurate manner
  • Report patient condition and progress to patient’s physician
  • Perform treatments and provide preventative care to patients per MD orders
  • Maintain accurate patient tracking and care logs
  • Discharge patients after consultation with the physician and other clinical staff.
  • Develop and document a plan of care that involves physician, patient and family
    in goal setting
  • Make referral to additional resources as appropriate
  • Treat patients and family members with respect and dignity
  • Other duties as necessary


  • Excellent spoken and written English skills
  • Strong interpersonal and collaborative skills
  • Must have good computer skills with strong knowledge of electronic charting
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to respond to emergencies in a decisive and composed manner
  • Current Registered Nursing License
  • Current BLS, ACLS, PALSL or ENPC certification
  • Must have graduated from an accredited Nursing School

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