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Does JobAdder charge for future enhancements or are they included in my subscription?


One of our core values is simplicity, and our fee structure reflects that. JobAdder does charge for some new modules and future software enhancements.

Our development team releases new features every few weeks. These features and enhancements are driven by the constant communication our dedicated product managers have with our customers.

We’re passionate about making sure product developments help drive productivity and make the recruitment process simpler. That’s why we have an online training centre in place with over 150 training videos and two dozen training courses.

When additional features are introduced, we develop training videos to help you implement them and drive value. Our videos show you how to add new users, approve a placement, create tasks and more. Our free in-house new user training – which incorporates all of our latest enhancements and features – ensures all new users have the most up to date understanding of how our software works.