JobAdder Pre Sales


What sorts of things can we do with the API?


The JobAdder API allows you to push or pull any data in or out of JobAdder. Examples include:

Registration forms

You can build a candidate registration form for our website so that candidates can register themselves straight into the system. You can also build a job form so that clients can submit a job straight into your JobAdder dashboard.

Dashboards and reports

You can use the API to create interactive dashboards to display data from JobAdder on a TV screen in your office or executive reports.

Connect to other applications 

You can use the API to integrate with any third party systems that you may use in your business. There is a good chance that the integrations you need will already be in the JobAdder marketplace. If they are not you can build your own very easily. For example, you could connect JobAdder to your payroll or billing system to generate invoices or run payroll. You can also connect to marketing automation tools, assessment providers, HR systems and any other system that you use.