2020 Recruitment Industry Report Findings


Join us for the launch of our first ever Global Recruitment Industry Report with recruitment influencer Greg Savage, and JobAdder’s Head of Product, Tom Dyson. Greg and Tom will be sharing insights and exclusive data directly covering the period from January to September 2020 for North America and the rest of the world.

2020 has been an unpredictable year to say the least and the recruitment industry has been affected significantly. This is why data is so valuable as it maps out what many have experienced, and also points to signs of recovery, providing the confidence you need to move forward with your business plans. 

These insights, coupled with Greg and Tom’s expert knowledge make for a webinar that is not to be missed. During the session we will be discussing:

  • Growth patterns, for both decline and recovery.
  • Placements trends, which are key in measuring the overall health of the industry.
  • Agency User Numbers, accurately showing how many recruiters have remained active during 2020.
  • The emergence of Temp & Contract vs Perm placements globally.
  • Performance trends, including average time to place.

The official report will be sent to all attendees post-webinar, so be sure to register to be the first to access this never-before-seen data.


Tom Dyson

Head of Product

Greg Savage

Recruitment Advisor

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