7 Ways Automation Can Generate More Value from Your Database



Most recruitment agencies own a significant amount of intellectual property in the form of candidate and client data. The challenge is that this is generally out of date or incomplete, and therefore it is very hard to extract value. 

In this session, Chris South, CEO of recruitment automation platform Roi-AI, will show how text and email automations that are designed to clean and update data, can be used to make your IP work for you.

In addition, he will provide real-life examples of how automations can be used to achieve the following:

  • Improve customer experience¬†
  • Generate new candidate and client leads
  • Bring your database to life with activity insights
  • Automate candidate sourcing and nurturing processes¬†
  • Deliver real-time feedback on the performance of your recruitment team
  • Protect your business with compliance-based automations


Chris South


Alex Grundy

Digital Marketing Manager

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