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How To Create A Sustainable Video Strategy


Video is here to stay and the way we communicate online has never been more important.

Join our guest speaker and communication expert Catherine Molloy as she takes you through what you can do to improve your non-verbal cues and increase your effectiveness in front of the camera.

Register for this webinar to learn:

  • The ‘on-camera’ basics from your setup to dealing with nerves.
  • How to convey confidence, competence and trust and build rapport.
  • How effective listening can ensure the recipient feels understood and stays engaged.
  • Why micro-expressions are a better predictor of true feelings and how our current video-centric climate can help increase your accuracy in predicting outcomes.
  • Why you should be more discerning in your choice of clothing, accessories and hairstyles as extensions of your body language.


Catherine Molloy

International Keynote Speaker & Communication Expert

Victoria Cleghorn

Talent Acquisition Head

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