Getting the balance right with AI and automation in recruitment



There’s been a great deal of debate around whether the recruitment process is in danger of being driven more by machines rather than by recruiters. Yet it is clear that AI & automation has made the recruitment process more efficient and removed many of the mundane tasks associated with the role. 

Join JobAdder’s Alice Shea and Gareth Christian-Lim, Co-Founder & CEO of candidate engagement platform Recii as they explore the challenge of striking the right balance and discuss:

  • What makes a good candidate experience and would more or less AI & automation improve it?
  • Where is the benchmark in experience, versus speed, time and cost?
  • How is Diversity & Inclusion affected by automation and AI…can we really create a process which ticks all the boxes?
  • If it is possible to automate the whole recruitment process, where does the true value of a recruiter lie?


Gareth Christian-Lim

Co-Founder & CEO

Alice Shea

Software Trainer

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