How to Win & Retain Clients with Data-Driven Insights

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In an industry as crowded as recruitment, it’s fair to say that standing out is an ongoing challenge. How do you set yourself apart when positioning yourself to prospective clients? How do you retain the ones you have and ensure they stay loyal to your business? 

Join us as we dive into new data provided by Recruiter Insider, which CEO & Founder Justin Hillier will report on, offering insights into such questions as:

  • Your brand vs your client’s brand; which is more important?
  • How do you build unrivalled trust with your clients using feedback data?
  • How can you add more value to your offering using feedback data?
  • What are hiring managers (your clients) missing with the candidate experience?
  • How do you elevate your value proposition using feedback?


Justin Hillier

CEO & Founder

Kimberly Groat

Marketing Manager UK

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