Recruitment In An Automated World


With technology now playing an even bigger role in recruitment, the need for recruiters to fine tune their EQ has never been greater.

Human connections have always mattered, but now is the perfect time to
hone those skills and ensure tech doesn’t become a barrier to connection.

Join Katrina Collier as she discusses the skills recruiters should focus on developing and how technology needs to be supporting, not hindering, those efforts. We will cover:

  • Why the need for recruiters to ramp up their human skills has arisen.
  • How to energise human connections with the support of technology.
  • What it means to be robot-proof and future-proof.

Katrina Collier is the author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter and Mastermind and uses her extensive industry experience to show companies around the world how to solve the problem of candidate engagement. She is also the founder of multiple DisruptHR UK events, an Ambassador for Hope for Justice and co-host of The #SocialRecruiting Show podcast.


Katrina Collier

Author, Speaker & Facilitator

Kimberly Groat

Marketing Manager - UK

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