Improve hiring rates
with effective
candidate coaching

Improve Hiring Rates With Effective Candidate Coaching device@1x


While candidate coaching has always been a fundamental part of every recruiter’s role, in today’s market the need has never been greater. Effective coaching not only significantly improves the overall quality and readiness of your candidates; it also helps you improve hiring rates.

Who better to get insights from than someone who has been coaching candidates for nearly 20 years! Join us as we discuss all things candidate coaching with leading career coach and LinkedIn Top Voice 2020, Jane Jackson, including:

  • Why coaching helps to strengthen the performance of your candidates
  • The difference between interview preparation and candidate coaching 
  • How coaching can help improve diversity hiring 
  • The long-term benefits of effective candidate coaching
  • Whether agencies should offer paid coaching programmes


Jane Jackson

Career Coach

Kimberly Groat

Marketing Manager UK

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