Preserving Your Recruitment Agency’s Financial Position &
Cash Flow



How can your recruitment agency weather the downturn and prepare to thrive as we return to “business as usual”?

The Government has announced a series of measures to help businesses maintain cash flow and protect their workers during this time. There are also internal changes that recruitment agencies can make to reduce costs and de-risk their business finances.

Paul Masters, the recruitment industry’s leading accounting specialist, will take you into a deep dive of understanding the practical steps and government incentives to help your agency stay robust and survive the COVID-19 downturn. He will cover:

  • An outline of what Australia’s top recruitment agencies are doing to reduce their costs.
  • The different types of Federal and State Government Stimulus available to recruitment agencies (including tax incentives, cash injections, loans and grants) and how your agency can apply and benefit.
  • Recent updates to the JobKeeper incentive and how they specifically relate to the eligibility of your recruitment agency and employees (plus the 7 steps you need to take to start receiving payments).
  • A live Q&A session to answer your questions on Government stimulus and cash flow measures.


Paul Masters

Managing Partner

Richard Rowe


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