The Rise of the Home Enterprise with DocuSign

rise of the home enterprise


Workforce digitisation, flexible tools and practices, and the adoption of modern, agile attitudes were all slowly evolving before COVID-19. However, many organisations have been forced to facilitate ten years’ of digital transformation within ten short weeks.

What we do for work day-to-day hasn’t changed, but the how and the where has shifted incredibly. The scale and immediacy of this change has created significant repercussions both for employees, their employers, and the very idea of how work is done is Australia.

Join Michael Osmond, Head of People & Culture at JobAdder and our panel of speakers Anthony Slater, Director of Customer Success and Jacinta Harding, Recruiting Manager from DocuSign as they discuss what they think the future of work needs to look like for Aussie workers and businesses to thrive.


Anthony Slater

Director of Customer Success

Jacinta Harding

Recruiting Manager

Michael Osmond

Head of People & Culture

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