Scale Your Agency Growth With Sales & Marketing Automation



The recruitment industry is evolving. While AI has been facilitating candidate acquisition, recruiters are still relying on manual efforts to reach and engage customers. This is neither scalable nor sustainable, so let’s change that! 

Join us as we chat to Kristie Perrotte, Founder of Thrive Marketing Communications, about how to activate dormant contacts on your database as well as engage new prospects to become customers.

We will cover:

  • Developing your service offering and value proposition 
  • Understanding your customers’ pain points and nurturing them through specific stages of the sales funnel
  • Creating an omnichannel approach across all of your marketing programmes and tactics
  • Integrating your tech stack by connecting the dots between your website, CRM and automated email
  • Using triggers to automate specific client behaviours — like a new job order or a lead — then sending nurture emails to help close the sale 
  • Reactivating clients and candidates from your CRM
  • Getting more out of your LinkedIn Recruiter or Sales Navigator license by engaging them where they hang out


Kristie Perrotte


Kimberly Groat

Marketing Manager UK

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