Survive. Then Thrive.
The Recruiter
Roadmap to Recovery



These are the hardest times recruiters have had to face. Your resolve will be tested, your resilience stretched and your ability to think positively, questioned. Some will falter, while others will flourish. 

The camp you fall into will depend on the actions you take now!

As one of the recruitment industry’s leading influential figures, Greg Savage is uniquely positioned to speak on the subject of recovery, having survived and thrived through many recessions and downturns, and learned how to thrive in the recoveries that followed. Join Greg as he walks you through the current landscape and shows you how to develop your own roadmap to recovery, covering:

  • How to face the reality of our near future
  • How recessions play out
  • The ‘good news’
  • How to configure your future
  • What to focus on in the short and long term
  • Developing your narrative
  • The power of goodwill equity
  • Why now is the time for more measurement, not less


Greg Savage

Recruitment Founder, Advisor & Author

Kimberly Groat

Marketing Manager - UK

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