The Ultimate Outreach Tech Stack

How COVID Has Changed HR & Recruiting Forever Device


With many companies transitioning to a remote workforce (some permanently), it’s more important than ever to re-evaluate your tech stack ahead of the new year.

Now’s the time to ask that one key question.

Are you empowering your team with the right tools?

Join our panel of experts from Aircall, Interseller, JobAdder, and TextUs as they discuss the future of outreach in 2021 and share creative ideas to cut through the noise.

During the webinar we will be covering:

  • Tools to get recruiters in front of more prospects and candidates, giving them time to do what they do best.

  • The importance of automation for your business

  • How communication is evolving as we navigate through the pandemic and why it is more important than ever


Collin Ponzo

Implementations Manager

Erich Hugunin

Chief Revenue Officer

Bryan Elsesser

Senior Director of Sales Development

Steven Brady

Head of Sales

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