Using Video Interviews to Improve Candidate Submissions and Client Communications

How To Create A Sustainable Video Strategy


A recruiter’s job is not only to identify top talent and sell that talent on a job opportunity. Now, more than ever, how you present candidate submissions to potential clients may determine whether or not your presentation is a success. 

Join us and SparkHire’s Partnership Manager Jeremy Tolan for an informative session where he will offer tips on how to present your candidates in a more engaging format and improve how you follow up with clients. 

In addition, you’ll hear advice on: 

  • How to use video to better coach your candidates and improve CX
  • How to relay feedback to both candidates and clients
  • Incorporating video into candidate delivery and follow-up
  • Using video interviews to go above and beyond simply matching a candidate’s skills with your client’s requirements


Jeremy Tolan

Partnerships Manager

Kimberly Groat

Marketing Manager UK

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