Workforce Innovation in Retail Whitepaper

How data is driving improvements in employee experience in Retail.

Recruiting in the retail space is incredibly competitive and notorious for disruption.

The fast-moving, high volume nature of the industry means that it can be easy to get stuck in your ways in order to keep day-to-day operations going, placing innovation and improvement aside as tomorrow’s job. If this is you, you’re not alone.

We spoke to industry experts from some of Australia’s leading retailers to hear their take on innovation in the retail industry and the tactics they’re using to cut through the noise.

What you will find in this book

Why Focus on Data in the First Place?

Learn how data can better help you justify investment and challenge the assumption that HR is just for 'soft' benefits.

How to be Seen as a Strategic Partner

Tactics you can use to help your HR team to be seen as a strategic partner rather than a cost centre in your business.

Advice from Experts in Retail

We've consolidated advice from TA experts at Seafolly, Brand Collective, Kikki.k, Winning Group & more.

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