Recruitment Analytics & Insight

PowerAdder allows you to gain deeper insights into your hiring practices and discover which activities are driving outcomes.

Performance dashboards

Tailored to your business

An analytics specialist will sit down with you to understand your business processes to help you get the most out of PowerAdder.

Track KPIs & Identify Top Performers

Drill down on individual activity, or monitor how your team is performing with our Consultants dashboard.

Identify Lost Opportunities

Protect your brand by identifying gaps in the candidate experience, including lost opportunities for top rated candidates. 

Move the Needle on Diversity & Inclusion

PowerAdder provides Recruitment & HR teams with the data they need to implement real change to move the needle when it comes to diversity. Pinpoint specific stages in your hiring process where bias may exist and understand how this impacts hiring.

Demonstrate employer brand credibility

Your employees, shareholders and customers want your organisation to champion diversity and transparency. 
Equip business leaders with the data they need to voice your commitment to an inclusive workplace and show how this is reflected in your hiring process.