Opportunity Pipeline

Supercharge your Business Development pipeline

Capture, manage and oversee all your Business Development activity without leaving JobAdder

Oversee BD pipeline & forecast revenue

Understand where prospects are within the pipeline to help predict your bottom line

Optimise the BD capability of your team

Prioritise, track and take action ahead of time to ensure you and your team reach your sales targets

Capture & manage all of your opportunities in one place

Stay on top of your to-dos, communicate with your prospects and convert leads to jobs all without leaving JobAdder

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Create, view and progress

Quickly add opportunities and manage them through your pipeline


Make informed decisions about who to contact and when, using powerful filters that make prioritising a breeze.

Tasks & follow ups

Quickly view or schedule a task for an opportunity to prevent drop-offs.

Convert to job

Convert an opportunity to a job, bringing all important information with it.

Edit stages

Create a customisable workflow that works for you and your team.


Uncover key metrics about the overall health of your business development pipeline, including the all important conversion rate.


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