Platform update

Make ANY field on Job records mandatory

Release date: December 17, 2019

The wait is over! Standard fields within Job records can be mandatory 🤘🏼 This ability, which has previously only been available for custom fields, can be applied to any field in the Job form that you wish. It will apply for both creating new Jobs and editing any existing ones. This powerful new feature is coming to the new Job UI only – but don’t worry! You won’t need to keep jumping back to the new Dashboard to access it as we’re also bringing the new Job UI across to ALL ‘Create/Edit Job’ areas. This means you can access this new feature from any of the usual places you create or edit a Job from (and there’ll be no sneaky way to avoid completing the mandatory fields!). Control which fields you’d like to make mandatory from Admin > General > Field Management. We won’t finish here, Jobs are just the beginning. We will bring the same configurability to all other record types in time, making sure your database is chock full of the most valuable information for your business.

1st Jan

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1st Jan

Updates to search by email, phone and position

1st Jan

Change applications directly from your email

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