"I wanted a web-based solution that was easy on the eye for my consultants and which had good reporting. JobAdder does all that." - Phil Hack, Apex Resource Solutions

The Hiring Manager Experience

Manual requisition processes dramatically slow down your recruitment. Receiving resumes from Recruitment by email is messy and difficult to keep track of. With HiringManager the manager has one simple place to raise jobs and see and track all candidates for those jobs.

The Recruiter Experience

With manual job requisitions, or ad hoc processes you are often the last person to know about a job vacancy. When jobs land on your desk unannounced you are immediately behind the 8 ball, under pressure to advertise, search and find candidates for the role.

You then find some magical candidates and email them through to the Hiring Manager, to the sound of deafening silence. You call and chase the Hiring Manager for feedback but after a few days the candidate calls to say they have accepted another job offer. And so you start again and the cycle continues.

HiringManager solves these challenges by giving all parties full visibility over jobs in progress. The recruitment team can see jobs that are going through the approval process, allowing them to plan and potentially start proactively working on roles even before they are approved.

The HiringManager has one single portal to view all their jobs and candidates and give immediate, real time feedback to the recruitment team.