"I wanted a web-based solution that was easy on the eye for my consultants and which had good reporting. JobAdder does all that." - Phil Hack, Apex Resource Solutions


Collecting Timesheets Made Easy

Manually chasing and collecting timesheets is a huge hassle, not to mention a waste of time and money. If you are receiving employee timesheets via fax machine, email, or in the mail then it may be time to step away from the fax machine and get online.

With JobAdder you can simply make a placement, click the "Send to TimeAdder" button and away it goes. The system emails the employee to welcome them and invite them to create their TimeAdder account.

Seamless integration with JobAdder

TimeAdder is designed exclusively for JobAdder users. As a JobAdder client using TimeAdder you have the ability to choose which employees and temps will use TimeAdder to process their timesheets online.

This is as easy as ticking a box on the placement record which will send the employee's details into TimeAdder. The contractor is then sent a welcome email and the process begins. The contractor can then begin entering their timesheets online as soon as their contract commences.

Enter Timesheets Everywhere

Most importantly, TimeAdder is available everywhere, on any device. TimeAdder runs beautifully on any browser on PC, Mac or any web enabled mobile device. Employees, temps and approvers are on the go, so TimeAdder makes it easy for them to submit timesheets. TimeAdder's timesheet functionality is just as simple and easy to use on mobile as it is on the desktop. Leaving no excuses for late timesheets!

TimeAdder - Your Online Timesheet System

TimeAdder has been built to be flexible and suit the needs of your recruitment agency. As the recruitment agency you can configure TimeAdder to work for any type of employees at the company level as well as the individual contractor level. TimeAdder provides flexible timesheet layouts, payroll week start day and time entry increments.

Hours worked as well as contractor rate, client rate and margin are captured in the weekly contractor report. The weekly contractor report will provide you with the information you need to run payroll through your 3rd party payroll system.

Why choose TimeAdder?

  • Mobile and web based so you can access it from any device
  • Make a placement, click the 'TimeAdder' button and away it goes
  • Multiple Timesheet Templates, configurable by user, company or account
  • Submit separate timesheets for different employers or roles
  • Automated reminders to employees and approvers
  • Run weekly contractor reports

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