"I wanted a web-based solution that was easy on the eye for my consultants and which had good reporting. JobAdder does all that." - Phil Hack, Apex Resource Solutions


Agency Portal

The JobAdder Agency Portal (VMS) is a simple online portal that allows hiring companies and recruitment agencies to work together more effectively.

The VMS is managed by the hiring company and allows them to create job orders and send them out to their preferred recruiters to work on. The recruiters receive an email with a link to the job on the VMS, where they can read the full job details and then submit their best candidates to the hiring company via the portal.

The candidate is automatically entered into the hiring company's JobAdder account, registered against the open job and tagged as having coming from that particular recruiter. If the candidate is hired, the hiring company can then pay the recruiter their agreed fee (payment is managed outside of the VMS).

What are the benefits of Agency Portals?

There are a number of benefits to using a VMS including, but not limited to, the following;

  • Recruiting companies save time by being able to distribute a job out to one or many recruiters in a few clicks.
  • Candidates are submitted online via the VMS rather than by email, ensuring that all candidates are accurately tracked and recorded in the system. Receiving candidate submissions by email is prone to error as it is very easy to overlook an email or forget to put the candidate into the system.
  • A recruitment agency can see how many candidates have been submitted for the job at any point in time. This helps them know whether to spend more or less time working on the job.
  • The VMS (Agency Portal) also automatically tags the candidate with the recruitment agency's name thereby minimising the potential for confusion or fee disputes if their candidate is subsequently hired.
  • The JobAdder Recruitment Software is also integrated into the VMS to make recruitment a breeze.

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