10 top recruitment tools for business development

The recruitment tech tools your agency needs to boost business development

Want to streamline and supercharge your recruitment agency’s business development? Here are 10 tech tools that could transform how you approach business development.

All of these amazing tools are either offered in our JobAdder platform or accessible through seamless integrations.


OneUp Sales

OneUp Sales is a sales motivation and management SaaS platform, helping teams to boost productivity and motivation. Recruitment agencies can see their team’s progress in real time, automate competitions and celebrate wins. 

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LinkedIn Recruiter

This platform empowers recruiters to search for and reach out to prospects, map prospect organisations and contacts and see how talent is flowing in and out of organisations to determine lead opportunities.  



This easy-to-use scheduling platform allows recruiters to simply share their availability with prospects, allowing them to book in the time that works for them. 



This marketing automation and email marketing platform empowers recruiters to easily build and send emails to their networks and prospects. 


JobAdder’s Opportunity Pipeline module 

Our new feature allows recruiters to capture, manage and oversee all their business development activity without leaving JobAdder. 

Recruiters and leaders can understand where prospects are within the pipeline to better forecast revenue, stay on top of tasks and lead communications and convert leads to jobs. 



This Chrome Extension allows recruiters to visit prospect profiles on their favorite websites, extract the data from the profile and add it directly to their ATS.


This AI matching automation technology automates recruiters’ workflows and builds powerful semantic searches for prospects and candidates across your ATS, databases and other public websites.  



This intelligent bot identifies the companies you work with in JobAdder and searches the web for new job ads from them, delivering any leads directly to your inbox. 



This cloud-based call centre software integrates with your ATS, providing recruiters with instant access to prospect and lead details the moment the phone rings.



This platform empowers recruiters to conduct daily recruiting activities, source prospect details, find pipeline insights and nurture relationships at scale. 

Automate, track and boost your business development efforts with these smart, strategic solutions. 

Remember, your recruitment tech stack should always:

  • Play well with others
  • Address your biggest pain points
  • Free up your recruiters to do what they do best 

Want to learn more about tools that can streamline your recruitment agency’s business development?

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