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Why talent acquisition teams
choose JobAdder

“We know that JobAdder will be the best recruitment tool for us – it doesn’t matter what country. It’s part of having the right people in place from the beginning to get to the goal in the end. So I feel like it’s a long-term relationship with JobAdder.

Samantha Robertson
Head of HR (People & Culture) at Seafolly

“It’s time-saving, but ultimately for me, it’s the condidate experience that is the biggest value add.”

Justine Hartman
People, Culture & Performance Manger at Burbank Group

“I would say it has allowed us to streamline our recruitment process and posting an ad is so much easier. You just have to do it once and don’t have to go into four different programs, which is fantastic.”

Patrick Mylonas
People, Culture & Performance Manger at Burbank Group

Sourcing the best talent has never been easier

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Every job you post to SEEK seamlessly transfers into
JobAdder. Download full CVs, send personalised messages
and invite candidates to discuss roles with you.

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