CareerUpdate Portal

CareerUpdate is a candidate focused product that allows candidates to view and update their own details in your database.

  • Discover star candidates
  • Open the door to an epic candidate experience
  • Empower candidates to control their data
  • Eliminate time spent calling candidates to check availability
  • The company branded portal to have

Save valuable time and eliminate excuses

CareerUpdate is a self-service candidate care product which allows candidates to review and update their own details directly into your database.
  • Surface new candidates who match your search
  • Stop wasting time running candidate calling days or chasing a response
  • Simplify your data management process
  • Candidates can select their job seeking status

One step to a better brand experience

Send an email inviting your candidate database to update their details via your beautifully branded interface. Those that say yes will be prompted to update their contact info, employment history, or record a video cover letter in just a few clicks.
With CareerUpdate you’re only ever working with current and active data, so you can deliver a strong shortlist and a better overall experience to the hiring manager.
Career Update - brand

Give Candidates more control over their personal data

CareerUpdate puts candidates in control of their personal information and let’s them know you care about their job search and privacy. They can specify when they do want to hear from you, and when they don’t.
Updating their details and availability can be done anywhere through the mobile friendly portal. Responses are instantly reflected in their JobAdder candidate profile so you’re always looking at current information.