Change the way you work with hiring managers.

Job Requisition Management | HiringManager

Improve your time to hire with HiringManager

Take the friction out of requisition approval

HiringManager makes requisition approvals a breeze, even when you require sign off from multiple people.

Recruit faster by providing visibility

Hiring managers can view and screen shortlisted candidates that have been shared with them and provide feedback easily, drastically reducing the time to fill vacancies.

Manage relationships more effectively

HiringManager makes it easier for you to track communication with each hiring manager. Track activity centrally, eliminating frustrating delays, miscommunication and loss of information.

Build stronger relationships with hiring managers

Building positive relationships with hiring managers can be challenging, especially when you are recruiting across many roles. HiringManager helps create transparency, trust and collaboration with your hiring manager from start to finish.
Communicating more effectively through the HiringManager portal allows you to build credibility and shifts the relationship from reactive to strategic. Recruiting becomes easier when your stakeholders are cooperative, able to quickly see the status of jobs and complete required tasks with ease.