Temp & Contract Recruitment Software

Supercharge temp and contract recruitment using JobAdder; Automate admin, see real-time availability and shortlist faster.

Recruitment Software for Temp & Contract Recruiters

Spend your time sourcing contractors who can hit the ground running and leave the admin to JobAdder. Simplify and streamline your temp and contractor management with JobAdder’s suite of recruitment software tools.
The processes surrounding the placement of temporary and contract staff vary greatly throughout agencies and industries, which is why we’ve developed a 100% customisable dashboard so you can configure JobAdder to match your contracting process.

Timesheet management

Use TimeAdder to manage your timesheet process anywhere, through any device. TimeAdder is a completely automated system designed exclusively for JobAdder users to ensure contractors get paid on time, every time.
TimeAdder automates the complete timesheet process for contract recruiters, including chasing up so you don’t have to! Eliminate the headaches associated with making sure contractors get paid each week and get back to more important tasks.

Mobile Friendly

Contractors can complete and submit timesheets using their mobile.

Reminder alerts

We'll do the nagging for you. Candidates receive automated reminders to complete their timesheet.

Easy Approval

Managers are notified once timesheets are submitted and can approve from their email or mobile.

Pay On Schedule

Connect TimeAdder with your payroll system to automate contractor payroll end to end.

Candidate Availability Update

Organising a temp or contract resource for a last minute role is stressful. Getting hold of temp candidates first thing in the morning is frequently challenging and leaving endless unanswered voicemails to check availability is frustrating. JobAdder makes this task much easier with the candidate availability feature.

Temp candidates are able to update on their day to day availability directly into your JobAdder recruitment system. The data syncs in real time meaning you have the most recent information available to you exactly when you need it.

Speed up temp recruitment with JobAdder Integrations

JobAdder integrates with the tools and platforms you use on a daily basis as part of your contracting recruitment process and temp resource management. When it comes to recruiting contractors and temps, time is money. You need to get suitable candidates over to your client fast and have the confidence they can get the job done.
JobAdder’s integration partners can help you speed up your recruitment and selection process; use SMS to contact candidates quickly, cut the time spent coordinating background and reference checks, getting contracts signed fast and connecting your payroll system with JobAdder.

Integrations that our contract recruitment customers love include Burst SMS, Referoo, CV Check, XRef, HelloSign, Astute Payroll, XERO, and many more.

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