Recruitment Analytics

Unleash the power of your recruitment data

PowerAdder's in-depth analytics provides insights into recruitment performance and opportunities.

Get a snapshot of how your business is doing

work Created with Sketch. Performance

Quarter by quarter, compare new jobs, CV submits, client interviews, placements and placement fees.

level-up Created with Sketch. Live insights

See open jobs, open jobs per consultant, live ads, jobs at client interview and jobs at offer stages.

roles Created with Sketch. Your best performers

From top revenue to most open jobs. Also see companies with the most open jobs, highest fees in pipeline and highest revenue generated.


Get a concise “health-check” across your entire business.

This dashboard provides a simple, clear look at how your business is performing.


Understand how much you’ve got going on and calculate revenue projections.


Take a pulse check of your relationship with your current clients and the extent to which you engage with them.


Evaluate your consultants on key KPIs while benchmarking performance.


Drill down into contractor movements.

Keep an eye on past trends that can help you manage your pipeline and future projections.


Get a bird’s eye view of your recruitment efforts

work Created with Sketch. Performance

Track end to end performance metrics, from new jobs through to new hires and everything in between.

level-up Created with Sketch. Break it down

Slice and dice your data any way you like. Change date ranges on the fly, view recruitment activity by department, hiring manager, location, and more.

roles Created with Sketch. Trendspotter

Quickly identify trends in your data to uncover bottlenecks and opportunities, and monitor the success of your recruitment initiatives in real time.


A Sample Of Insights You'll See In PowerAdder

Track how long it takes to make new hires and how many offers are accepted. 

See where hires are made according to budget and how many roles have been filled.


Measure the ROI of acquisition channels to gain insights into job boards or sources bringing the best candidates.

Track how consultants leverage your database or the extent they rely on paid ads.


Track your effectiveness as a HR team. Assess your team’s efficiency in filling roles and where potential bottlenecks occur.

Evaluate the speed of progression through each stage as a measure of candidate experience.


Surface gender equality data within your recruitment process.

Start with spotting potential bias or tracking salary trends.


See More. Know More. Recruit More.

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