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Account Review

  • Tailored

Account reviews provide a completely tailored training session for JobAdder Admin users and includes a full review and analysis of how you use JobAdder, and where you can make improvements.


  • Recommendations on how your organisation can maximise JobAdder's features
  • Customise & streamline your company account
  • Thorough training on recommended processes so that they can be rolled out internally
  • PDF summary document of findings and outcomes

Admin Training

  • 2 Hours

The Admin Training session is specifically created for those JobAdder users who are account administrators. Admin users hold a lot of responsibility for the workflow across the team. This training is specially designed to ensure the best management of your account.


  • Customise & streamline your company account
  • Create and remove new note types, statuses etc
  • Set up & link company email & SMS templates
  • Customise your company workflow
  • Set up screening questions
  • Create and align skills for coding records
  • Report on different teams and/or user groups
  • Create customised reports
  • Customise job boards for your company

Advanced Training

  • 2 Hours

Advanced User Training is for seasoned JobAdder users who would like to take the next step and perfect their use of the JobAdder system.


  • Socialising your job ad
  • Apps and Add-ons marketplace
  • Tidying and organise your database
  • Personalising your JobAdder account
  • Customised screening questions to job advertisements
  • Searching for specific candidates
  • Submitting and float candidates online
  • Reading and creating reports

New User Training

  • 1 Hour

Our New User Training is specifically designed for users who have been working with JobAdder for less than 3 months. This face-to-face training is conducted fortnightly at JobAdder HQ in Sydney.

Can’t get there? No problem! You can join us on a live webinar.


  • Everything you need to know to get started
  • An overview of the essential features and functions
  • An introduction to best practice

Training Experts

Damian Knight

Damian Knight


During his past life as an agency recruiter, Damian found himself training his colleagues to get the most out of JobAdder before becoming an official ‘Adder’ himself, six years later.

Damian’s favourite JobAdder feature is the online submissions and floats functionality, which automatically records every step, simplifying the process of submitting candidates to clients.
Mark Kramer

Mark Kramer


Having been a recruitment consultant as well as a support and training officer for four years, Mark is well versed in helping others through the SaaS journey.  

Mark loves showing off all the little features that are often overlooked when using JobAdder to ensure users are able to utilise JobAdder to its fullest potential, and to save them as much time as possible behind the keyboard.

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