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JobAdder welcomes new integration HROnboard

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We have officially integrated with HROnboard! This news is hot off the press, for all the official details please see this Press Release.

How does this fit in with JobAdder, you say?

As you probably already know, we’re the one-stop shop for talent sourcing and acquisition. Once a candidate is successfully placed with JobAdder, HROnboard picks up right where we leave off and completes the candidate’s journey right to the doorstep of their new job.

If you’re not familiar with HROnboard, our newest integration platform provides dedicated employee onboarding software.

After a new candidate is placed in a role, HROnboard creates the job offer and automates each step of the onboarding process, freeing the hiring manager from all the onboarding administration.

Completing mandatory employment forms and scheduling tasks for new employees is easy with HROnboard, as HR users can keep track of all their new hires in one centralised dashboard.

HROnboard helps businesses create consistent, positive experiences for new staff members and give an awesome first impression of their company to all newcomers. HROnboard CEO and founder Peter Forbes says, “for those already using JobAdder, you know how great a match it is for HROnboard. We’re both focussed on the same thing – turning candidates into employees faster, better and with higher levels of engagement.”

Find out more about this integration and how it can work for your JobAdder account here.

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