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3 tips to reduce your cost and time to hire

Sarah Linney
Content Marketing Manager at JobAdder
3 tips to reduce your cost and time to hire

How much time and money is your business spending on finding new hires? And what savings could you see by changing how you approach candidate sourcing and hiring?

Our latest eBook delves into this topic and reveals key areas where you could significantly reduce your cost and time to hire, allowing you to find and place the candidates you need in a competitive talent market.

Below, we’ll quickly cover three tips from the eBook, but feel free to download the full, free guide to get all the juicy details!

ACCESS OUR EBOOK: How to reduce your cost and time to hire

1. Make the most of your talent pool

Nurturing a diverse talent pool is crucial for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals. 

By building and engaging your talent pool, you now have a reliable source of candidates for a wide range of roles, which means you can move quickly and pull from a database of already vetted and engaged talent.

Our JobAdder consultant, Idris Kamara, states that: “Using our dynamic talent pools (or saved searches), you can do the heavy lifting beforehand. That way when a role becomes live all you need to do is click a button and all the relevant candidates for that search will populate in the job. Saving you time and money.”

2. Encourage employee advocacy

Your existing employees can be some of your biggest advocates in the job market.

So, encourage your employees to share their day-to-day experiences on social media! 

Not only will this show prospective talent that your employees recommend your business, but it’ll also help establish your company culture and brand.

3. Leverage technology to simplify your recruitment process

According to G2, 78% of companies that utilise an ATS state that recruitment technology makes finding great talent easier than ever.

Additionally, 94% of recruiters and hiring professionals state that using recruitment software has positively impacted their hiring process, which is a pretty convincing majority!

Just to slip in a very obvious plug, our customers have seen huge time and cost savings from using our ATS:

If your technology isn’t providing these big benefits, then it might be time to switch

Find out more about switching your ATS with this free eBook or simply learn more about reducing your cost and time to hire with our new eBook.

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