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Integrations: SEEK Premium Talent Search now live!

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To drive greater efficiency for you and your organisation we’ve partnered with SEEK to integrate SEEK Premium Talent Search into our platform. Chances are you may have already used Talent Search when you have previously posted a job ad to SEEK via JobAdder. The key difference with SEEK’s Premium product is it allows you to search over 3 million Candidate Profiles, independent of a job ad – no advertising required!

Premium Talent Search expands on the existing Talent Search in a number of ways – you will have the ability to;

  • Search and connect with the Candidate marketplace independently of your job ad.
  • Easily identify a Candidates work history through our Company Profiles filter
  • View a Candidates approachability – as they are five times more likely to respond to your connection when approached through Premium Talent Search.

To enable SEEK Premium Talent Search you will need to contact our support team [email protected]

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