Recruitment glossary

What is Temp-to-Hire?

​Temp-to-Hire refers to a situation where an individual is hired for a temporary period, often 3-6 months, and then at the end of that period, the employee is eligible for a full-time position.

Application management
What is Time in Lieu?

Time in Lieu allows an employee to work overtime and then instead of being paid additional remuneration for working such …

Temporary placement
What is a Temp Agency?

Temping agencies also referred to as temp agencies, are recruitment agencies that specialise in finding positions for candidates looking for …

Application management
What is a Recruiter?

A recruiter, or recruitment consultant, is a professional who connects candidates looking for roles with companies looking for candidates to …

Application management
What is Interim Recruitment?

Interim Recruitment refers to recruiting focused on the temporary supply of an individuals with specific expertise or skills into an …

Candidate sourcing
What is an Independent Contractor?

An Independent Contractor is a person or entity contracted to perform work or provide services to another entity as a …

Temporary placement
What is Hourly Pay?

Hourly pay describes a rate an employer agrees to pay a worker per hour worked. Employees who are paid an …

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