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Harnessing AI and automation to build a powerful recruiting machine

As the impact of technology on staffing accelerates every year, the staffing-tech landscape is only getting more complex. Staffing leaders are left to wade through a multitude of point-solutions that demand resource-intensive integrations, yet offer limited expandability. 

In this session, we will explore how Sense and JobAdder work together seamlessly to help you overcome these challenges by leveraging the twin powers of AI and automation: from breaking down data silos and enabling single-view reporting to driving cross-channel personalised engagement and building targeted talent pipelines. Learn how leveraging an omnichannel approach using automation, two-way text messaging, AI-powered chatbots, automated surveys and referrals can give your recruiters superpowers.

Discover how you can:

  • Power personalised journeys throughout the funnel and transform your talent experience
  • Keep track of all conversations with an automated ATS sync
  • Respond to candidates 24/7 using a chatbot and screen them in for jobs 
  • View journey level and performance analytics
  • Lower cost per hire and time to fill by increasing referrals

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Bryan Wilson

Regional Director, JobAdder

Pankaj Jindal

Co-Founder, Sense