Temporary placement

Recruitment software for temp and contract recruiters

Stay ahead of the game, by finding, filling and managing temp and contract roles centrally and with ease.

AI Skill Matching

Scan your database for a skills match at speed

Find the best talent with ease. Our AI scans your candidate lists, automatically shortlisting the best candidates for your open roles.

Rates Calculator

Calculate your fees with ease

Save hours applying complex margins and charge rates to work out the optimum fees. JobAdder’s Rates Calculator is a powerful, user-friendly tool to provide quick pricing answers in real-time.

Placement, candidate and role compliance

Get the paperwork you need before you need it

Streamline the application process by specifying documents, licences and certifications required from candidates upfront. Easily track candidates that have all documents in place so you know who’s ready for a temporary staffing placement, without fuss.

Time and attendance data

Manage timesheets, not spreadsheets

Simplify workforce management by removing the need for manual spreadsheets. Instead, have candidates submit timesheets straight from their mobile device for approval. Automate overtime calculations, create customisable invoicing templates, and ensure all temps and contractors get paid on time.

Timesheet entry

Ensure timesheets are submitted on time, every time

Automate timesheet reminder alerts to ensure no contractor forgets. Offer timesheet entry direct from mobile to make it fast and easy for people to fill out at the end of a long day.


Manage your middle and back office from one place

To streamline workflows, JobAdder offers deep integrations with leading providers such as FT360 and RSM. From a single interface, manage end-to-end temp flows and enable alerts to easily share timesheets, approve payments and manage your workforce.

20th Mar

PetDirect has seen enormous growth over the past few years, and it needed an ATS and CRM that could support …

“JobAdder specialises and focuses on building out a superior ATS, as opposed to trying to tackle the entire HRIS ecosystem… Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to recruit here at PetDirect without JobAdder, it’s the best investment that we have made in the HR space that’s for sure!”

Brooke Riley
Head of People & Culture
REVO fitness
18th Jan
Revo Fitness

The award-winning gym chain elevates new employee engagement to receive a +73 NPS score through a best-of-breed HR tech stack. …

We didn’t want to put all our eggs in one basket. Integration capability was the number one priority when assessing HR systems for Revo Fitness so that we could employ the strengths of different products and still get them to work seamlessly together.

Kelly Allison
Chief People Officer
7th Dec
Rayner Personnel

Established in 2012, UK-based property recruitment agency Rayner Personnel underwent a significant transformation during the COVID-19 crisis. Moving to a …

I would definitely recommend JobAdder to anyone else to be able to liaise and communicate with your candidates and clients on a much easier scale, manage your jobs and look at your pipeline.

Jo Green
Head of Operations
Collar Group
17th Nov
Collar Group

Establishing and scaling a new recruitment agency is something that Ephram Stephenson, CEO and Founder of Collar Group, knows well. …

The JobAdder team, as well as its marketplace partners, allowed us to create a brand that’s become synonymous with mobilisation and large volume recruitment.

Ephram Stephenson
CEO and Founder of Collar Group
VERTO case study
7th Nov

As an award-winning, not-for-profit organisation, VERTO helps businesses and individuals with their apprenticeship, employment and training needs. VERTO knew that …

JobAdder allows HR to put those resources and time back into our employees, which is essentially what we’re here for: to support our employees, organisation and culture and drive the business forward. We can be proactive rather than reactive now. So, it’s more than the dollar value. It’s the flow-on effect.

Erin Boole
Human Resources Consultant
26th Jul
West Recruitment

West Recruitment is a specialist boutique provider that has successfully assisted candidates and hiring managers across Sydney to navigate the …

We use the database as our source of truth. The ability to search and accurately sift through that data at the pace we can is definitely a contributing factor to help us speed up our process.

Benjamin Boulos
General Manager
5th May
3X Partners

Craig Bagshaw is the Founder and Director of 3X Partners, a full stack advisory firm in executive search and RPO …

With the LinkedIn integration, we placed 50 people with just one client alone in a brand new country where we had no database, starting from scratch. That was amazing.

Craig Bagshaw
Founder and Director of 3X Partners
2nd May
Everest People

Everest People is a boutique recruitment, people and culture, and training specialist, which works across every industry in New Zealand …

That’s the way of the future. We’ve got to make the most of the data that we have, and we’ve been able to do that with JobAdder.

Senga Allen
Founder and Managing Director of Everest People
30th Dec
Winning Group

With humble beginnings back in 1906, Winning Group has four consumer brands under its umbrella; Winning Appliances, Appliances Online, Home …

Whenever there is a new piece of HR or recruitment tech, JobAdder is the first ATS that they integrate with…

Sarah Smith
HR Business Partner at Winning Group

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