Rethinking The RFP Process

Succeed with SaaS Amidst Global Workplace Uncertainty

Out with the old (RFPs), in with the new (SaaS)

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The global workplace has transformed.

What was once a passive, on-premise network, is now an environment that promotes collaborative relationships and interaction that stems from rapid technology advances, digitalised business processes, worker preference, and cloud computing.


A simpler, slower-paced, and more stable climate suited for requests for proposals (RFPs), is now a fast-paced, continually evolving, unpredictable landscape that can only be navigated with agile systems like software as a service (SaaS).


This 11 page white paper explores the challenges of the outdated RFP process and offers a view as to why SaaS is the way forward, if businesses expect to succeed and thrive in today’s fast paced, technologically advancing economy.

“There hasn’t been an on-premises software company funded since 2007… You have no choice. It’s all going to be SaaS.”

— R. “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst
at Constellation Research
(TechTarget, BetterCloud 2017)