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The JobAdder mobile app helps you achieve maximum results without adding more hours to your day.
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What Makes JobAdder The Top Rated Recruitment Software App?

JobAdder is not like other mobile recruitment apps, that’s why we’re ranked #1 in both the App Store & Google Play Store. It isn’t bloated with unused features, slow or difficult to navigate. The challenges you face when recruiting from your phone are different from when you’re at your desk. The interface that powers your work should be different too.

Communicate quickly with a candidate, double check your client’s PSA or get a shortlist to a client like you said you would. Your ability to respond to situations quickly shouldn’t be hindered because you happen to be away from your desk.

Access Popular Actions Like Call or SMS From Search Results

Quickly access your to-do list and contacts on-the-go by searching the name or organisation. See tasks that are due soon and action them using the App.

Spot Great Candidates Earlier Using Video Cover Letters

Request and review video cover letters from candidates, send to them to hiring manager or record and post a video job ad.

Calls To Contacts Are Logged Automatically

Start your calls from inside JobAdder and enjoy full call tracking capability. Log conversations, add notes, and schedule follow-up tasks. All automatically linked to the contact record.

What You Need At Your Finger Tips

Interview location for your candidate changes at the last minute?

JobAdder remembers candidates you’ve viewed recently and displays them at the top when you search. Call or email directly from the search results.

Hear a prospect say they're hiring and you've just met with a top candidate?

Use mobile quick search to find their comprehensive profile including resume, application & placement history, notes, videos and social profile links.

Feeling unprepared before a client meeting?

Get up to speed on your client fast. See activity, placement fees, jobs & documentation for active and past roles.

Screen And Action Candidates Quickly

All the information you need evaluate an applicant on one beautifully designed screen.

Update a candidate’s status by swiping right to progress or swipe left to reject. It couldn’t be more easy.

Record Notes In The Moment

The conversations you have with hiring managers or candidates are important and often contain crucial details that can make the difference when selecting who to put forward for the job. So why leave it several hours before you enter into the system?
JobAdder’s voice to text function lets you record and link notes to a record wherever you are. Improve the quality and accuracy of client and candidates information by recording notes while it’s still fresh in your mind. This is a feature our customers are loving!

But wait, what do users say?

We thought you'd never ask! Hear from recruiters who choose JobAdder for mobile recruiting.