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RatesCalc is a unique and powerful software platform that is essential for any business including recruitment or labour hire or group training companies that want to automate their workflow and ensure legislative requirements are maintained for any employment or contractor type, therefore, providing 100% accuracy to payroll compliance and client charge bill rates.

RatesCalc monitors all federal and state government legislation updates for example Fair Work Modern Awards. Updates are notified instantly across the platform ensuring that your payroll is processed in accordance with legal standards and legislative requirements whilst clients are invoiced correctly. The application also eradicates margin erosion from your business and can remove the manual process in the creation of employment contracts and assignment notices to your workforce.

RatesCalc is your bridge to connecting JobAdder with your middle and back-office system of choice. RatesCalc is an Application Interface Middleware (AIM) providing a seamless data flow, which is critical for everyone’s ‘tech stack’ today.

The Australian made software is user-friendly and designed by staffing industry professionals with a feature-rich environment that is easy to navigate.

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