Recruitment Operations

Discover what’s working and what could be improved in your hiring process with Recruitment Operations.


Basic and advanced recruitment analytics


Get reports on all your record types including Jobs, Ads, Applications, Candidates, Placements, Contacts and Companies.

Activities and Notes

Create a custom report to view data on Activities performed against records, such as emails sent or notes logged.


Get a concise ‘health check’ of your business with a visual look at how your business is performing and what you have in the pipeline.


Get a more in-depth view of your overall business performance with a breakdown of recruitment activity by team, consultant or company.


View how long a job takes to reach a certain stage, e.g. CV submitted or client interview, and how long it remains in that stage.


View individual user performance, which enables management to audit consultants from a KPI perspective.


Manage your account and user settings.

User management
Add, edit, remove, reinstate or pause users on your JobAdder account, and set access levels and permissions for different user groups.
User groups
Create user groups for your team based on their location, business function or industry speciality with custom email signatures for each group.
Revenue forecast
View revenue forecast for each user based on their pre-set likelihood to fill the role AND the candidate that is furthest along in the workflow.
Account templates
Create templates for your records, emails and auto-responses to enforce consistency across all users.
Spreadsheet export report
Log each time a user on your JobAdder account performs the ‘Export to spreadsheet’ action.
Transfer record ownership
Transfer the ownership of records from one user to another individually or with bulk actions.

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Get self-serve learning on demand

Start up

Get immediate ROI by learning how to create a job, post job ads, download resumes, create records and review applications in one hour.

Set up for admins

Configure global account settings, templates and statuses, and individual user settings, access levels and permissions.

Set up for users

Configure personal dashboards, favourites, saved searches, email templates and signatures and job ad templates.

Level up

Stay on top of JobAdder product updates and new features with a dedicated level-up course every quarter.

Tune up

Maintain and improve your account with product updates, UI improvements, add-on products and partners and our feedback portal.

JobAdder playbooks

Playbooks for Recruitment CRM, Recruitment Marketing, Applicant Tracking, Placement Management and Recruitment Operations.

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Saved 50% of a FTE role on manual processes

Reduced candidate rejection emails to 2 clicks

Eliminated 100 printed applications per role

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