Mobile app

Mobilise your recruitment process

The best recruitment app for finding and hiring top talent from anywhere, integrated directly into our hiring platform.


Real-time collaboration with your team members

Message and respond to your team members within the app and move your hiring process forward, no matter where you are. Complete potential candidate evaluations, review job descriptions and job ads, read team notes, schedule interviews and more, all in real-time.

Capture important moments

Add notes using voice-to-text and leave manual data entry behind. Also, keep all of your team’s notes organised in one place, so nothing gets buried.

Smart reminders

Stay on top of your best talent with automated reminders

Make sure the right candidates don‘t fall through the cracks with smart reminders. Automate notifications so they pop up next time you‘re in the app so you don’t miss a thing.


Talent management at your fingertips

Access our applicant tracking system (ATS) on your mobile, giving you access to all workflows, all the time. View open positions, post job openings, find job boards, scroll through candidate profiles, read resumes, schedule interviews, manage onboarding and more, all in one central place.

Hear why your peers love JobAdder’s Mobile app

18th Jul
Lindsey Morgan
People Intelligence

The mobile app is very useful and easy to use and we’ve been part of the feedback forum for the app which we’ve appreciated.

17th May
Jessica Martinez

JobAdder has been a convenient and essential tool for business. I love that it does not have to run on our VPN and when I work late hours out of the office, pulling up client and candidate information on my phone is a breeze.

3rd Feb
Trevor Baker
MacDonald Search Group

It’s a terrific app. Best I’ve ever used… The desktop is exceptional as well, I’ve been using more than four ATS systems in seven years and JobAdder is the best we’ve ever used.

3rd Feb
Yvonne Kelly
Driftwood Group

The JobAdder mobile app is amazing for our business, it’s changed the whole way that we work… It’s totally transformed how we work remotely.

3rd Feb
Melissa Edwards
Sharp & Carter

The mobile app is one thing our recruiters love because a lot of them can be working remotely. So they might go to a meeting and a candidate interview, then go back to another meeting and use the speech-to-text functionality.

17th May
Chris Redmond

The mobile app is fantastic. It’s so user friendly and the way that people can swipe left or right on certain aspects of the platform makes it fun to interact with as well.

17th May
Courtney Rice
Thinking Ahead

Our remote recruiters are not necessarily reliant on our company connections, but they can be completely independent of that and use JobAdder anywhere, anytime.

3rd Feb
Steve Carter
TAP – The Ability People

JobAdder’s versatility [works well with] our remote working model, particularly with people with disability or impairment, it just makes life really, really easy not just within the team but also with our customers.

Discover the joy JobAdder can add to your job

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Answers to your Mobile app questions

How does JobAdder’s applicant tracking software (ATS) work?
JobAdder’s ATS is an end-to-end recruitment system designed to help recruiters, agencies, hiring teams, and HR management alike attract and hire the best candidates possible. From the very start of the recruitment process right through to placement, our platform enables everything to happen centrally. From attracting job seekers to managing applications, interview scheduling, sharing shortlisted candidates, doing reference checks, social recruiting, communicating with candidates, clients, hiring managers and more.
How is JobAdder different from other staffing and recruitment platforms?

JobAdder exists to make recruitment more efficient and joyful for everyone involved – not just the users of our platform. We’re here to improve the hiring experience for candidates, clients, internal stakeholders, human resources management and HR teams as well as recruiters, and that drives our continual innovation. Visit Why JobAdder to learn more.

Does JobAdder have a mobile app?

Yes, we have both an iOS and Android mobile app so you can work on the go. Visit our mobile app page for more information.

Partnerships and integrations
What apps integrate with JobAdder?

JobAdder offers integrations with many of the world’s leading recruitment, candidate sourcing, screening, employee engagement, payroll, invoicing, workforce management, productivity apps and more to make your life easier.

Check out the JobAdder Marketplace to find out more.

Partnerships and integrations
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Application management
Native job posting

Write your ad once and let us save you time by automatically posting jobs to multiple job boards.

Application management
SMS recruitment

With our SMS messaging and text recruiting, designing a great candidate experience has never been easier

Application management
Job boards

Use our global network of job boards to find qualified candidates, anywhere. With the click of a button, post to 200+ of the best job sites all around the world.

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