Placement Management

Place candidates with the right skills in the right job for the right cost with Placement Management.


Turn candidates into placements.

Placement records

Import, create and update placement information and open records in a quick-view popup.

Candidate care

Complete pre-employment screening and inductions with personalised messages created from custom templates sent via email, SMS or WhatsApp.

E-signature documents

Use e-signatures for documents like offer letters, contracts and rates acceptance that require signatures from the candidate, contact or recruiter.

Placement approval

Require Admin users or other users with permission to approve placements before they can be finalised.

Export to payroll, billing or onboarding

Sync placement data from JobAdder to your payroll, billing, onboarding or HRIS platform.

Hiring Kit Form

Lay out the job description, salary, entitlements and policies on a landing page your candidates can review and sign before starting their job.


Check and confirm employment suitability.

Candidate compliance
Keep candidates in a pending status until their prerequisite criteria such as Documents and Notes have been met.
Placement compliance
Ensure your prerequisites for Documents and Notes exist on the relevant record. If they are missing or invalid, an error message will be returned.
Job compliance
See which candidates meet compliance prerequisites with eligible, warning or not eligible statuses for every Job.
Document expiry notifications
Once a Document expiry date has been set, an expiry reminder email will send a summary of Documents which are due to expire to your inbox.
Medical Questionnaire Form
Tick compliance off your list with this medical questionnaire. Your candidates provide their own health information which is logged against their record.
Labour Hire Document Capture Form
Collect white cards, blue cards and any other tickets or licences you need to check compliance before your candidate begins their role.

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Manage temporary workers.

View working temps

Toggle ‘Show working temps’ on the Placements Grid to display only your active working temps and filter by start/end date or column headings.

Extend placements

Extending a Placement will produce a new Placement record for the extension with new start and end dates.

Convert temp to perm placement

Converting a Placement will produce a new Placement record for the extension with new start and end dates.

Candidate aftercare

Create custom fields with templates for candidate aftercare activities so that all users know what actions to perform and which information to collect.


Create jobs from leads or requisitions without leaving your recruitment CRM.

Job records
Import, create and update Job information and open records in a quick view popup.
Manage Job records with single-click actions and drag-and-drop functionality for faster access and page load times.
Job filters
Filter by saved searches, folders, candidate name, resume keyword, postcode proximity and documents.
Candidate matching
Identify potential candidates after creating a Job through automated resume keyword search, ranking algorithm and AI matching.
Job sources
Track where your Jobs are coming from, for example via business development or existing clients.
Predictive search
Use predictive search for Job records, then hover over to ‘Add a Note’, ‘Send an Email’, or ‘Send an SMS’ in just a single click.

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“It’s enabling our recruiters to spend more time with candidates and focus on the applicant’s experience and, following that, the employee experience.”

Bolton Clarke

Reduced reference checking time to less than 24 hours

Reduced medical checking time to less than 24 hours

Reduced contract signing time to 24-48 hours

Free Placement Management playbook

Get some handy salary negotiation tips to help you effectively place the best talent.