Applicant Tracking

Track job applications and get a complete view of your candidate pipeline with Applicant Tracking.


Screen and action applications for open jobs.

Application records

Import, create and update application information and open records in a quick view popup to see the candidate’s previous applications.

Employment profile

The employment profile tab parses data from an applicant’s resume and displays their experience, education and skills in a standardised format.

Call scripts and phone screening

Add custom fields to application records so your users know what actions to perform and which information to collect in calls.

Applicant dashboard

This dashboard in the Home tab enables you to add notes, message your candidates and contacts, review the applicant stages and change statuses.

Application ratings

Give applications a rating out of 5 to indicate their suitability for a role and sort by 5-star candidates to view the top candidates in your talent pool.

Applicant status update

Select the status of the applicant, trigger actions with status updates and configure custom rejection statuses.


Meet and rate shortlisted candidates.

Interview and task dashboard
View, reschedule or cancel your upcoming interviews from a dedicated interview management panel.
Interview scorecard
Rate candidates out of five on up to five criteria, submit comments against their record and send interviewers a template to complete.
Candidate submissions
Send a custom form that lets hiring managers view, comment and rate your submissions right from their inbox and automatically log that data against the relevant records.
Submission feedback
Track views, ratings and comments in real-time from the ‘Submissions’ page in the Candidates tab.
@ mentions
Tag other JobAdder users as you write a note to alert them to an application or candidate record or other notes and documents for review.
Hiring Manager Portal
Receive and manage job requisitions, submissions and interview feedback from hiring managers.

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Manage core recruitment activity on your phone.

Tasks and reminders

View active, priority, unscheduled, overdue and complete tasks on your app’s home screen.

View new Applications

Load a card view enabling you to scroll vertically through the list to see all of your applicants before deciding which ones to progress or reject.

Progress or reject Applications

Swipe left on the Applicant’s card to reject or right to progress, or tap the progress and reject buttons.


After calling a candidate or contact via the app, a new note screen will pop up. You can choose to dictate the note by tapping the mic button.

Quick create and quick search

Tap to create new Candidate, Contact or Job records, and add new Documents to records, and search by name, phone number or email address.

Biometric and PIN login

Access the app via setting a PIN, fingerprint or facial recognition if supported by your device.


Create jobs from leads or requisitions without leaving your recruitment CRM.

Job records
Import, create and update Job information and open records in a quick view popup.
Manage Job records with single-click actions and drag-and-drop functionality for faster access and page load times.
Job filters
Filter by saved searches, folders, candidate name, resume keyword, postcode proximity and documents.
Candidate matching
Identify potential candidates after creating a Job through automated resume keyword search, ranking algorithm and AI matching.
Job sources
Track where your Jobs are coming from, for example via business development or existing clients.
Predictive search
Use predictive search for Job records, then hover over to ‘Add a Note’, ‘Send an Email’, or ‘Send an SMS’ in just a single click.

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