Meet the JoyAdders

Brilliant? Tick. Passionate? Tick. Awesome people? Tick, tick, tick.

JoyAdders are an incredible team of lovely, smart people dedicated to delivering an experience both customers and staff just won’t find anywhere else.

Why? Because we have one goal…Add Joy to the job of recruitment.

For the love of people

Recruitment and staffing is all about people. People helping people fulfil roles that bring joy and change lives. We’re here to help liberate recruitment professionals from unnecessary admin, supercharge their productivity, and empower them to focus on the humanity of recruitment – building rich and rewarding experiences for candidates, clients and colleagues alike.

The JobAdder story

Every great company starts with a clear and compelling purpose – a ‘why’ at its core. We’re no different on that front. Our founders didn’t set out to start a software company. They wanted to create a company where people genuinely loved coming to work, where employees felt impactful, cherished and empowered. The legacy lives on, and remains an important part of our DNA, except now we help others build workplaces, real and virtual, that people love being a part of too.

What lights us up

We love what we do. And love the difference we make to the thousands of recruitment professionals and millions of job seekers every year. We’re a diverse bunch, from many cultures and corners of the world. But we’re united behind our mission – to make recruitment more efficient and joyful for everyone involved – our customers, their clients, candidates, hiring managers, partners and beyond…

Collaboration and communication

Our customers are some pretty clever cookies. They know their business and their industries inside out. So, when it comes to designing our products, it makes sense to listen to, and work with, our clients, so we offer the features and benefits they really want, in a product they’ll love to use.

Our mission

To make recruitment more efficient and joyful for everyone involved.

The JobAdder way


We inspire, ideate and iterate. We simplify.


We embrace change. We deliver on our commitments.


We respect and protect each other. We’re positive problem solvers.


Our customers’ success is our success. We’re fanatical about our customers’ experience.

Where you’ll find us

While HQ is in Sydney, Australia, our workforce is dispersed all over the world. Once upon a time, you would have found us in just a handful of core offices five days a week. Now our team works from many locations to better serve our global customer base.

Come join us!

We’re looking for superstars to join our crew.

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UK tax governance and risk management

As a subsidiary member of the SEEK Group, JobAdder follows a global approach to tax governance and risk management. The SEEK board, through its Audit and Risk Management Committee, works with JobAdder to ensure it is aligned to the broader tax strategies and tax governance and risk management framework of SEEK Group. For further detail on SEEK Group’s approach to tax governance and risk management and its global tax strategy, please refer to the SEEK Tax Transparency Report.

As JobAdder has a UK resident subsidiary in its corporate structure, it is required to comply with the UK’s Tax Strategy reporting requirements. JobAdder’s approach to taxation in the UK is consistent with the global principles adopted by SEEK Group as outlined in the SEEK Tax Transparency Report. Specifically, this includes:

JobAdder’s approach to managing its UK tax risks;

The level of risk JobAdder is willing to accept for UK taxation purposes;

JobAdder’s attitudes toward tax planning in the UK, and

How JobAdder approaches its dealings with HMRC

The information published within the SEEK Tax Transparency Report is intended to satisfy the reporting obligations of Schedule 19 of the Finance Act 2016.